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        The Fisheries Department of the then Government of Bengal was first set up in the year 1911. Thereafter, on the recommendation of the Bengal Retrenchment Committee, the Department was abolished in the year 1923. The Department was again revived in the year 1942 inasmuch as it was felt necessary to cope up with the growing needs for increase in production of fish by way of exploiting all the available impounded water resources in the then undivided Bengal primarily for two reasons: - (1) Love of fish in the diet for every Bengali family and (2) increase in population. After revival of the Department in the year 1942, it has been functioning continuously since then. The scope of activities of the Department had been expanding gradually and since the beginning of the first five year plan increasing number of schemes are being taken up for development of Pisciculture in West Bengal with the end of not only attaining self-sufficiency in regard to production of fish in the State but also exploring possibilities for requirement of fish and fish products across the country and abroad.....

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